Notes from Teach yourself scheme

The notes is published for rethinking what I am reading in the book called [《Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days》][3]. It is a good book for introducing scheme(you’d better have read the TLS)


All expression can be inducted into Forms,such as define,begin,set! forms. Before, I only said the define,begin,set! expression without forms.

Data Types

  1. list
  2. vector
  3. procedure
  4. port (原来port也是数据类型的一种,这样就并入了文件的IO) 当然也包括open-string-port相当于创建了fortran的[内部文件][4]的作用。


Data abstraction divides a data type into two pieces: an interface and an implementation. The interface tells us what the data of the type represents,what the operations on the data are,and what properties these operations may be relied to have.The implementation provides a specific representation of the data and code for the operations that make use of that data representation.

implicit and explicit

lambda 的内部自带(begin …)的作用,也就是可以连接多个expressions(forms)。 而if没有,对应的when,unless conditions则是存在隐式的implicit begin的作用。 并且when和unless其实就差在一个not表达式

  • lambda implicit begin
  • when implicit begin
  • unless implicit begin
  • if explicit begin

macro expansion

  1. `(.. , …) 叫做comon 形式
  2. `(… ,@ …) 叫做comon slice形式


Continuation is the special contribution of the book.

[很多其他的scheme解释器和编译器.][1] [Mit_scheme][2] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:

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