You need talk to others about “it” with clear,fluent and easy way , to let them understand very well. So in the computer learning,you should know how to talk with the books? how to learn from books(without consicious) which come from other authors(with consicious), then get what you want to overcome the problem or question you bump into.

So it is very necessary for you to learn some technique to analysis the different knowledge point, in order to different them and remember them, finally apply them to watch the phenomenon ,explain some phenomenon, and solve some tough science problem.

Logical sequence(from Hao Bin)

  • why need X?(solve the relation between first and two or between former and previous or between question and solution) Time series:

    +—-+many works between X+———————-+Now at X+——————————-+maybe later Y+———————–

  • what is X?(orient from ontology, what+how+howmany+where consist the basic ontology) It is very important to understand how to describe the question about what is X? Technique: + Make sure the pattern: subject verb and object( the subject is it!!)(it is ….,,solve ….,do help us….First,second….) + You should describe its function(the question which it can solve. In the relatity,all things is problem driven), what’s the advantage? + Finally, detail analysis: First, …. Second:….(it can consist many parts.)

  • how to use X?(as simple and clear as you can)

  • where you should take care when you use X? What’s the point?

  • what’s the factory scenery of the X? where you can put X into usage?

  • Advantage and disadvantage of X? Because of disadvantage,so you need Y.


1. how to express your statement with layer?
w: why (target: you should describe your background clearly) -------question which connect it and you or us!!
w: what(what it is . Get clear of the concept) -------what **it** is---> it(commonly without conscious)
    --what can it do?
w: how(how to use your X)  ----------**you** want to know how to use it? ---> you(with conscious)
    --what you are going to do?

You may be ignored!!!



  1. Please tell us your understanding of for recycle?

Your answer:

background(question): if you try to run one method 100 times, then you should write 100 lines code to call the method, very unefficiency and easy get fault.

it: for recycle can solve the problem. for recycle can let the method execute recyclly.
    for recycle consist three parts: initial value, condition adjust, and inrease part or decrease part which can let your recycle close to the outlet.
You: so you can write the for then first edit the initial part, then write your condition, also third part. Finally in your for body ,you 
can write your method which need to be call many times.

what’s the difference between X and Y(From

The worst thing while you describe something, is you try to jump the thing without stop. You need to concentrate your picture, and describe clearly that picture carefully .

Final goal: clear,fluent and easy to express your idea. One requirement: practice the conscious process


  1. the common characteristic between X and Y
  2. how many different characteristic between X and Y? first ,… second…. third…


what’s the difference between Windows and Linux?

Common characteristic: they are all the operate system , which can do many computing and amusement work

But there are three main difference between windows and Linux:
First, money---- Windows is charged ,While Linux is uncharged.
Second, open source---- windows is close source, while Linux is open source.
Third, use scenario ---- windows is orient to desktop system, while Linux is orient to server system

how to deep into the knowledge?

  • when you ask yourself the question about the what,when,where, how many ,how much and so on. you can continue asking yourself about the how and why(2w deep method) to get the whole information about the X.
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