Can You See Them From Here?

[[Here Song]]

I am here to look forward, Nothing or many things? I am embarrassed.

what should I do here? What is your plan? what is your target? Come on,Come on! Be confident, do and do it at the best, so you can see more from here

Life is a road with many ups and downs. Looking at the stars in the sky, Doing at the desk in the grounds.


Go there Base on Here !


You are Here!

  1. git rebase Here There


The home faraway railway

See the sumrise, here to go! Let’s go! sumrise

somethings added later

To this point , you should understand that use to this point to let your draft become a beautiful road way in your paper.

To this point , you should understand why you do this action at the current time! To this point , we can realized that there are a rule about the yaw aerodynamic characteristic.

With time goes on or from now on, maybe the result before us show me some infos. See from history.

Your need to find the failure time in the history, understand it, understand why.

Engineer of offshore wind turbine technique research

My research interests include distributed energy, wind turbine power generation technique , Computational fluid dynamic and programmable matter.